Award Winning - Dragon Fruit Farm

Farm Tours of the South Burnett

Come and visit our Dragon Fruit Farm and see these amazing vine-like cacti.

If visiting from January to May you will be able to see the unique fruit being produced.

When in flower nothing can compare to them.

Their blooms are up to 30cm across and shimmer in the moon light.

A Tawny Frogmouth Resting in the Cacti

Book in for one of our night time tours to see this unforgettable sight..........................Below right you can see the beautiful Koubo Fruit Flower.

Great Food for a Dry Country

Learn about other dry climate crops like capers and Koubo fruit, column cacti known as the vanilla ice-cream cacti and its lovely water lily like flowers.

Rain Forest Gardens

While walking through the gardens see native orchids cascading from the trees.

Learn about many of the natural rain forest plants that grow in the area.

Bird life abounds in the garden with friendly king parrots, shy cat birds and the builders of the bush the scrub turkeys.........................Beautiful King and Pencil Orchids

Who see it as their duty to continually “weed” our garden plants.

Open & days from 10am till 4pm

Local Art, Craft, Produce, Dragon Fruit Plants and Cuttings for Sale.

So come in for some country hospitality and taste the dragon fruit and lemon Myrtle and take home some South Burnett magic.

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