Beautiful Delicious Exotic Fruit

The Plant

Red fox pitaya’s have been growing Dragon Fruit or “Pitayas at our plantation in East Nanango for the last five years. These Spectacular plants are a member of the cactus family but being an epiphytic or vine type they can have stems up to 7 meters in length. They are quite often seen climbing their way happily up the nearest tree.

20 month old Dragon Fruit Plant
Dragon Fruit Flowers
Dragon Fruit Flowers and Bee's
Dragon Fruit Bud


Although Pitaya’s originated in the South America, it wasn’t until the French took them to Vietnam where they were marketed under the name Dragon Fruit. Since then they have spread too many countries and are now one of Vietnam’s major exports. Being a cacti they have far less water and fertilizer requirements than most other crops.

I am sure they have a huge future in Australia.